HOW-TO: March 4th

Welcome to one of my favorite holidays: March 4th!

Today is the day celebrants boldly “march forth” into the world with confidence and vision to realize their dreams. This fantastic holiday was created by Deborah Shouse, a famous writer, speaker and creativity coach, and brought to my attention by one of my favorite writers: Victoria Moran.

The holiday  invites you to celebrate yourself, to challenge yourself, to push your boundaries, to take on new experiences, and to celebrate your accomplishments. So, go for it: celebrate all you’ve done this year – and rejoice in moving boldly forward with your newest adventures!

How can you celebrate? Take ONE STEP toward making your dream a reality. ONE STEP forward to make something you want to happen, happen! Many great things have occurred on this day – so just for the record, and cuz it’s fun, here are some famous March 4th accomplishments to remember when  celebrating your own:


1789 – In NYC, the first Congress of the United States meets, putting the U.S. Constitution into effect.
1875 – The first ever indoor hockey game takes place at Victoria skating rink in Montreal, Canada.
1924 – “Happy Birthday to You” is published by Claydon Sunny.
1931 – Gandhi signs agreement with Britain for release of political prisoners and allowing the public use of salt.
1933 – Franklin D. Roosevelt said “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” in his first inaugural address.
1975 – Charlie Chaplin (at age 86) is knighted by Queen Elizabeth.
1985 – The FDA approves a blood test for AIDS, used today for screening all blood donations in the U.S.


Take a minute to enjoy The March 4th Marching Band

M4 provides the opportunity to come together in joyous union with a band whose mission is to seize the moment, bring communities together, and leave everyone feeling as if the world is a better place.

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